List of new movies 2024

2024 promises to be an exciting and diverse year with a series of top blockbusters that will debut on the big screen. Please refer to the list of potential 2024 theatrical films below, which will bring audiences around the world a wide variety of options from content to genre.

List of new movies 2024

To start this list, let’s take a look at two works that will be released in the near future.

Bob Marley: One Love.

Expected release date/month: January 12, 2024.

Genre: Biography, music.

Actor: Kingsley Ben-Adir.

Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green.

Bob Marley: One Love is a biographical film that explores the life and career of reggae music legend Bob Marley. The story will be told from his teenage days in Jamaica until Bob Marley became a globally influential singer. In addition, the film will also convey his timeless musical values. This film will be an opportunity for the audience to better understand this talented artist.

Madame Web.

Expected release date/month: February 14, 2024.

Genre: Action, superhero.

Cast: Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

Director: SJ Clarkson.

Madame Web will introduce viewers to the world of Madame Web, a character in Marvel’s Spider-Man universe. Madame Web is a blind, paralyzed woman with telepathic abilities and connections to parallel universes. In the movie, she will have to face difficult challenges and dangers to protect her important things.


Expected release date/month: February 2, 2024.

Genre: Horror, adventure.

Actors: Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard,…

Director: Matthew Vaughn.

“Argylle” is a thrilling movie, bringing breathtaking journeys around the world with super spy Argylle. From America to London and other mysterious destinations, the story will unfold on dramatic and dangerous adventures. Wait to discover global conspiracies, unrelenting danger, and dark secrets that are gradually being revealed.

A Quiet Place: Day One.

Expected release date/month: March 8, 2024.

Genre: Horror, science fiction.

Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Alex Wolff, Joseph Quinn.

Director: Michael Sarnoski.

“A Quiet Place: Day One” is the sequel to the famous horror series “A Quiet Place”. The context takes place in the first days after the Earth was invaded by alien creatures. The film will continue to bring tension and pressure to viewers as the world faces a terrible disaster – where sound becomes the biggest threat.

Kungfu Panda 4.

Expected release date/month: March 8, 2024.

Genre:  Animation, comedy, action.

Voice actor: Jack Black.

Director: Mike Mitchell, Stephanie Stine.

“Kung Fu Panda 4” continues the journey of Po – the adorable and humorous panda – in learning and imparting the martial art of Kung Fu. This film will focus on introducing the story of Po becoming a Kungfu master and Dragon Warrior. Based on what Black (Main voice actor for Po) shared, Po is training a new warrior named Zhen, an extremely powerful fox. Let’s look forward to the adorable return of Po bear in March 2024!

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

Expected release date/month: March 15, 2024.

Genre: Action, science fiction.

Unofficial Cast: Dan Stevens.

Director: Adam Wingard.

“Godzilla vs Kong” director Adam Wingard has revealed a perspective on “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire”. The story may revolve around the legend of the Hollow Earth. In this new part, the two main monsters, Godzilla and Kong, will team up to confront the new threat from the villain Titan.

Snow White (2024).

Expected release date/month: March 22, 2024.

Genre: Romance, fantasy, adventure.

Actors: Rachel Zegler, Gal Gadot, Andrew Burnap,…

Director: Marc Webb.

Disney promises that the 2024 Snow White version will be a groundbreaking and engaging remake of the famous fairy tale. The film will have new points in the plot and characters, helping to bring the audience an interesting and new experience. Let’s look forward to the Snow White of the new era in March 2024.

Mickey 17.

Expected release date/month: March 29, 2024.

Genre: Science Fiction.

Cast: Robert Pattinson, Steven Yeun, Naomi Ackie, Toni Collette, and Mark Ruffalo.

Director: Bong Joon-ho.

Famous director of the movie “Paradise” – Bong Joon-ho will return with “Mickey 17”, adapted from the science fiction novel “Mickey 7” by Edward Ashton. The film promises to be a science fiction film worth watching, bringing audiences new and exciting experiences.

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